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Blended Families


Estate planning you can trust.

If you are in a second (or third or more) marriage, and you have children from a prior marriage, you should engage in estate planning that will keep the people you love out of conflict.

No matter how close or friendly your new spouse and your children are, there is often an unavoidable, inherent conflict that can result upon your death.

This conflict can be mitigated, however, though it does take planning. We are skilled in planning for the needs of blended families, and can help you ensure that your new spouse and your children will each be well-taken care of with ease, and without conflict.

If you are in a second (or third or more) marriage and have children from a previous marriage, contact us to schedule a Family Wealth Planning Session so that we can help you take a look at your assets, your family, and what would happen when something happens to you.


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